"Talent comes and goes, but it is relationships that endure."

Carri Bugbee is a wonderfully inventive person who is incredibly sensitive to the needs of her clients. She brings out the essence of a given project where others seem to miss the mark.  Her creative work is always original, yet just what is needed, and her range is amazing when it comes to developing the right idea for any situation. She is a joy to work with and to be around – even under challenging circumstances. Talent comes and goes, but it is relationships that endure.  I’ve worked with Carri as both a client and a vendor, and I’ve seen her demonstrate this attitude from both sides of the fence.

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Marketing on demand:
PR planning for projects and campaigns

Every marketing plan starts with analysis and a strategy. Who are your audiences?  What do they care about? How can we reach them? Why should they care? What does your business or organization do better than anyone else? How we can highlight what you have to offer? 

For PR purposes, we also need to consider what publications might cover your industry, how the timing of special publication features can work for you and what type of innovative angles we can develop. 

These days, it's a smart idea to think about how to reach your audiences directly via online marketing as well. Social media and social networking offer many new ways to garner publicity and recognition – especially for start-ups!

PR messaging in the new media world

It used to be that PR writing was geared almost entirely towards journalists. They filtered the news, so their needs have always been paramount. And they typically don't care about the same things you or your target audience does. They care about their own target audiences – their readers. As they should.

This means that most (good) PR messaging was traditionally targeted in a slightly different way than other marketing messages. However, with all the new "publishing" opportunities now made possible on the Web, that is changing. PR messages must now be written to serve two masters:  journalists and customers. This is more art than science, requiring both skill and finesse. And of course, an in-depth understanding of all your audiences and their needs.

Media relations (getting press coverage!)

Media relations is the process of creating highly targeted press lists, contacting relevant journalists with story pitches, and following up to help get those stories placed. Ideally, media relations also includes monitoring what gets covered in the media that is related to what you do. This helps your PR reps keep track of what the competition is up to, spot industry trends early on, and create opportunities for press coverage by making sure you are the first (or the best) to address issues of interest to readers, listeners and viewers.

Online tactics – taking it to the people

Public relations used to be a misnomer. The only time PR folks ever dealt with the public was in a live forum, such as a speech or trade show. PR was all about working with journalists. Now, with all the opportunities available for online promotions (viral marketing), self-publishing (blogs and online articles), and online wire services, we can get the word out directly to your customers.

This is where PR intersects with advertising and marketing and the lines become blurry. That's why we created a special category to discuss tactics for enhancing online visibility and reputation: online marketing.  For the moment, however, let’s just say that most companies and organizations can now benefit from taking their messages directly to the people via the World Wide Web. And if you're interested in learning more about how this could work for your business or organization, let's talk!

PR Services - a short list of what we do

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