Big Deal PR "...has done a fantastic job giving our business a more visible presence on the Internet."

“Carri Bugbee is a wonderful PR consultant and has done a fantastic job giving our business a more visible presence on the Internet. She is extremely meticulous and detail-oriented on every project and she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every task. She is also a lot of fun to work with and helps us to think outside the box!”

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Marketing on demand:
online strategies and tactics

If you’re skipping around on our Web site (which we encourage), you might not have noticed yet that we’re big on strategy. We don’t like to waste time and you don't want to waste money, so we always start there. 

But in the interest of saving time now, we’ll skip the redundancies and direct you to what we’ve said about marketing strategy already. Even though it might bear repeating.

Web sites – we can spiff up what
you've got or start from scratch

We figure you already have a Web site. Everyone does. If you’re ready for a change, we can help you. We can start from the ground up, talk about usability, customers, architecture, best practices – all the things you need to consider.

If you’re mostly happy with your Web site and just want to infuse it with a little more marketing oomph (dare we say, zest?), we can do that too. Maybe all you need is some snappy writing or new product shots. We can work with your current Web developer to make it happen or do it all for you.

Perhaps your site has never been fully optimized for search engine results or you’re looking for more ways to market your Web site to customer, partners, search engines and information aggregators. If so, read on!

Search engine optimization (SEO)
will help ensure people can find you

If you build it, they will come. Right? Well, kinda. You also have to set up the sign-posts that search engines can read so they'll send traffic your way.

There are a few big things and a lot of small things you can do to make sure you show up at the top of (free or organic) search results. And there are a few things you must never do – or you’ll incur the wrath of the search engine gods (they’re really just programmers, but they do rule the Web universe like gods).

For most business, being found on the Web is do or die. We can help you figure out what can be done to boost your rankings and do what it takes to make that happen consistently.

Yes, consistency is key. Your competitors are out there updating their content and tweaking their keywords and blending it with “secret sauce.” And the search engines are adjusting their algorithms. All the time.

So, you can’t just "finish" your Web site and forget about it. Getting to the top of the heap – and staying there – requires vigilance and dedication. But it’s fun! At least we think so.

Search engine marketing (SEM) – the next step

Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) work together to make sure customers can find you. Search marketing is the process of driving customers to your Web site through a variety of on-site and off-site activities such as garnering in-bound links from other websites, writing frequently updated content (like a blog) that others can link to, contributing content to social media sites or networks, purchasing online advertisements, etc.

Not every option for increased visiblity will be right for your business or organization. For example, you might benefit from writing a blog or you might get more out of cultivating a community of enthusiasts on Twitter. You could get great results with Google ads, or even better targeting with Facebook ads.

It all goes back to the strategy. Which is why we’ll work with you up front to figure out the best way to reach your customers. And do it cost-effectively.

Social media: the new way to build
buzz and create avid fans for your brand

Wouldn’t you love to be highly visible in the places your customers are already hanging out? Boost brand awareness? Cultivate fans? Sell product?

Social media marketing has come a long way in a few short years – so you can now do all these things. With the right strategy.

We’re on the leading edge of what’s happening in social media so we can assist you with solid strategic approaches to marketing via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many other social sites and tools. This could include content and engagement strategy, connecting with friends and followers, writing and creative development, research and competitive intelligence gathering, managing a community, monitoring your brand mentions on social sites, influencer outreach, and wonky stuff like custom coding, tagging and optimizing digital assets.

Because social media marketing requires knowledge of tools and methods many marketers don’t yet have, we can also train your staff to do these things. Ultimately, you’ll want to do much of this in-house anyway. Quite often, social media is directly tied to customer support, so it makes sense for those closest to the brand to be on the front lines. Of course, we can still keep you apprised of the latest tips, tricks and tools to stay ahead of the pack even if you decide to do a lot of the work internally. Many clients find regular consulting a good option to keep up with the fast pace of change in social media spaces.

Carri Bugbee, Big Deal PR’s principal and founder, teaches social media marketing at Portland State University, developed the world's first Social Media Masters' program in Twitter (for Social Media Club International) and speaks on social media topics at many industry events. She has also trained hundreds of people to use social media tools effectively as well, including scientists, government communications pros, ecommerce retailers, PR experts and other marketers.