Big Deal PR offers "honest, intelligent and savvy marketing advice"

"Working with Big Deal PR was an absolute eye-opener.  Carri Bugbee provided valuable and objective commentary and writing for our Web site and early marketing collateral. She is enormously dedicated and has a unique talent for spotting the value that companies deliver and articulating it in a way that is understandable to everyone, even those without in-depth industry knowledge.  She also communicates that value succinctly with excitement and passion. I would recommend Big Deal PR’s services to any company that wants honest, intelligent and savvy marketing advice or wants to communicate to the world what it has to offer."

Gene Kim
Tripwire, Inc.










Marketing on demand: collateral

Collateral is a broad category of marketing materials that can encompass everything from brochures to posters to Web sites.

At Big Deal PR, we think of collateral materials as branded marketing you can hold in your hand (or your computer). That includes items that help brand and identify your company (logos, letterhead, business cards) and sales support materials (brochures, data sheets, etc.). But there is no right or wrong way to divvy up your marketing toolkit!

Corporate identity: your brand starts here

Does your logo create the right brand persona?

Your logo often creates the first (and primary impression) that customers, competitors, vendors and influencers will have about your brand. It should definitely represent the personality of your company or organization.

Chances are, you already have a logo. But before you start a new marketing program (that will plaster your logo everywhere), you might consider whether or not your logo is everything you want it to be.  

Maybe it should be more whimsical and inviting. Or you might want to project a very serious image to inspire trust. Does your current look make your company seem cutting edge or up-to-date? Or will people think you are behind the times?

If you’re a start-up or want to re-brand your company, we can create a new logo that conveys exactly what you need. This will make everything that follows in your marketing program more effective.

Position your company with a tag line

Adding a tag line to your corporate identity (letterhead, business cards, etc.) and marketing materials (ads, Web site, etc.) is the ideal way to begin positioning your business or organization in the minds of your target audiences. A tag line provides a quick read on who you are and what you stand for.

Sales support materials print or digital

Data Sheets and Fact Sheets

There are many ways to enhance your image and support sales efforts with collateral materials. Data sheets and fact sheets are often important for technology companies and other business-to-business marketers. And they don't have to be plain and boring!  They can be as spiffy – and reflective of your brand – as you want them to be.

White Papers

White papers are effective tools for business-to-business marketers – especially if your products or services are complex, leading edge and have a long buying cycle.

White papers and data sheets sometimes fall under the heading of PR Services, but they can also be highly designed with photos, graphics and charts (which we recommend!), making them more like collateral pieces. 

It doesn’t really matter what you call them, the important thing is to draw in your audience and make your message compelling by giving it visual appeal.

PowerPoint Presentations

Powerpoints are de rigueur for business-to-business marketing. In fact, we’ve all been lulled to sleep by these (often) dull, generic presentations. Snappy writing, appealing imagery and the seamless incorporation of your corporate identity (logo and tag line) can change a presentation from generic to inspiring. And it usually doesn’t take a lot of time or money to make this happen.

Brochures and flyers (tried and true)

Brochures are probably the most common marketing and sales support tool. But even a “commonplace” brochure can have big impact if it looks a little less common.

There are so many looks, sizes and form factors to choose from, there is no reason to blend in! You might benefit from a brochure that can fit in a small pocket and fold like an accordion. Or you may have so much information, you'll need a brochure that is large enough to read like a book. A self-mailing design that includes tear-off cards that customers can mail back might be the ideal way to spur sales.

It all depends upon what your customers need to know about your business, services and products – and how much information you need to provide. Flyers, small posters, postcards and other direct mail pieces are additional ways you should consider to reach your customers and get the word out.

Trade show graphics stand out in the crowd!

Trade shows, conferences and other events can be a great way to reach specific audiences. But killer graphics (and quality production) are an absolute necessity.  You don’t want to be the ugly duckling surrounded by dazzlers at the dance! We can help you put your best foot forward.