"I'd recommend Big Deal PR to anyone...
Carri Bugbee is a rockstar in my book!"

“I’ve worked with Big Deal PR on many marketing projects over the years. Not only do they come up with great ideas, Carri Bugbee is a great creative collaborator. Her writing is fantastic and clients love her to death. I’d recommend Big Deal PR to anyone who needs help with strategic marketing, creative copywriting and public relations branding. Carri is a rockstar in my book!”

Tim Oakley
Owner, Creative Director
Oakley Design Studios










Marketing on demand: campaign strategy
for advertising (and everything else)

Whatever we do, it all starts with strategy and analysis. That means we have to figure out what type of consumers or business people are in the market for what you have to offer, what they already know, what they care about, what media they consume, what your category history can tell us, who your competitors are, what they are doing better (or worse) than you are, and a litany of other things.

It’s crucial to know these things so we can develop the best possible projects or campaign for you. Generally, we work through these things with you. You are the expert on your business or organization, so plan to be an active participant in the process!

If you’ve already been down this road, that's fine too. That might save us all a lot of time. But don’t be surprised if we inquire about a few things you haven’t thought about.  Thinking about your challenges and opportunities from a fresh perspective will often bring new questions – and insights.

Writing and design – creative that's on the mark

We love hip design as much as the next agency. And, of course, we live for clever prose. But we never let that get in the way of what’s important:  communications that drive awareness and sales.

The end result might be fun, flashy, serious or even dour (though that’s never our first choice). The point is, what we like isn’t important. What you like isn’t even that important (sorry!). It’s all about what your target audience likes. And wants. And needs. And cares about. Your customers are in charge. Even when we don’t agree with them.

Media buying and planning for new pardigms

For awhile (like maybe a couple of decades ago) media planning was practically a science. Media planners researched data, crunched numbers, checked cost-per-thousands and voila! Out came a brilliant plan with the top magazines and TV shows for your demographics!

Then the Internet happened. Followed closely by Tivo (which we love, though it’s heretical for advertisers to say so). And finally, broadband has allowed people to see and hear virtually anything and everything online.  

We still think magazines are more fun to read in bed than the laptop. Turning the radio dial is smarter than surfing the ‘net while driving. And it’s still hard to beat the daily newspaper for covering a local beat.  Isn’t it?


The important thing is, we’re not going to pretend it’s a science anymore. It’s the wild west. But you can count on us to call a spade a spade. You can trust that we’ll never play a weak hand. And we’ll put on our best good poker face when negotiating media rates on your behalf.

Services and production – the nuts and bolts

People love lists. We certainly do. Not surprisingly, so do search engines. So, to make everyone happy, here are some lists of things we can do for you.

Strategy & Program Development Services

  • Client & competitive messaging audits
  • Advertising & marketing plan development
  • Product launch strategies
  • Positioning (companies or products)
  • Key message development

Creative Services & Production

  • Copywriting for print, broadcast & online
  • Graphic design & art direction for all media
  • Web site development, design & writing
  • Writing for search engine optimization & marketing
  • Brochures and other collateral
  • Trade show materials
  • Audio production (radio, mobile devices or Internet)
  • Video production (TV or Internet)