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What’s the big deal?

The big deal is your success.  Plain and simple.  We want to help your organization
grow by publicizing your products and services to the people who matter.

We help you stand out by using a variety of creative marketing and social media tactics. All built on sound strategy.

We develop innovative social media campaigns, get news articles published, produce special events, create ads and a lot of other things.  But we don’t recommend anything that isn’t exactly what you need. 

To provide top-notch professional services on demand, we take the virtual team approach. You get the marketing savvy of seasoned professionals – for less than
you’d pay junior staffers to punch the time-clock at most agencies.

Marketing the way you need it.

If your business runs lean and needs marketing project work or on-going support in a variety of areas, Big Deal PR's approach to marketing on demand will be a perfect fit. Whether you’re running a start-up or just need to start over, we can provide you with exactly the level of service you need.

Big Deal PR provides bulls-eye strategy for corporate marketers who need an outsider’s perspective to zero in on insightful analysis and ideas. If you’ve been aiming at the same target so long your eyes have glazed over, give us a crack at it!

Big Deal PR is the ideal social media or PR partner for creative firms that need to add strategic social media or public relations components to client campaigns – or promote themselves. Make us part of your team and we'll make you look good.